Live Video Podcast: Dances of Thrones

The concert starts 13 mins into the podcast...

What is Exponential Ensemble?

Music and Mathematics are at core of Exponential Ensemble. We are a group of world class musicians in varying combinations and numbers that can grow exponentially within each of our concerts. We explore new ways of programming chamber music by creating meaningful connections between the new and the traditional repertoire. Insightful program notes are given from the stage by the musicians making our concerts a unique and interactive exchange for all. 


Education through performance is very important to us.  We educate people at different stages of their lives. Our "Music and Math" program helps middle school students better understand complex math concepts using music as a catalyst.  Additionally we often visit our elderly community in nursing homes by sharing with them our knowledge and love for music.

Meet our new musicians!

Three years ago Exponential Ensemble was created with the idea of using music as a way to commect with math and next season we will take that idea to a new level.  

Coming up this fall, pianist and mathematician Tyler Wottrich (right) will join our roster of well rounded musicians along with cellist Hannah Collins (below) who also has background in engineering. Their expertise in math and science will enable us to go deeper within the music and math realm!