Season 5: Storylines

Exponential Ensemble
is a chamber music ensemble
made of top-notch performers and
experienced teaching artists. Throughout the
season, a roster of guest musicians enables its core
ensemble to grow exponentially within each performance;
presenting audiences with classic masterworks
alongside contemporary masterpieces.  

Additionally, they deliver
unique and innovative educational concerts 
for thousands of students using mmusic as a way to connect 

with important math and science concepts.














Clarinetist Pascal Archer is the founder of the Exponential Ensemble. His father was a math teacher and math has been part of his life for as long as he can remember...











Cellist Hannah Collins who has background in math and bio medical engineering focused particularly on sensory perception... 





...with french horn player and math aficionado Laura Weiner.  (Laura's mother AND sister are math teachers as well!)